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GoWembo is a community football club scheme run by a friend of the agency. We were asked to create a simple logo type and symbol, along with a supporting colour pallet for use on various media. GoWembo! As an idea is a free of charge club that allows kids to turn up and play and is based around the ‘coats as goal posts’ set up. The customer supplied us with a series of words that they thought they wanted to portray through the symbol and any visual assets that are produced;

the beautiful game, fun, go outside, simplicity, score/create goals, be empowered, confident, imagine, invent, imitate, be industrious, freedom, space, safe, positive, confidence-building, inspiring, spontaneous, independent.

The symbol is still being refined and reviewed and the final form to be completed in the very near future. A small but fabulous little project this is turning out to be.

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